Here’s what our fans have to say:

“Do you make anything that doesn’t taste GOOD!?!”
Mark Shaw, Atlanta


“They’re good- everything I tasted. Taste anything. All of her products are good.” Sarah Clardy, Orangeberg, SC

“I went to LSU for six years and that’s (Gumbo) the real thing.” J.Hiers, Orangeberg, SC

“Guess what’s for dinner?

Added shrimp, sausage and leftover smoked duck. Looking forward to it! Yes it was delicious and yes you can quote me on that. We do a great smoked duck and the flavors mixed perfectly. The kids inhaled it. Good stuff.”

Bill Lynch
Savannah, GA

“My name is Jeff Billhorn and I stumbled upon your gumbo at Whole Foods in Mt. P. I grew up in Louisiana and pride myself on making a pretty good gumbo. In fact, my recipe made it into my kid’s school cookbook. As of now, I am retired from spending the time to make the roux and chop all of the vegetables. I can simply buy yours! I have to admit, I usually add seafood or chicken and sausage but it is fantastic. I am heading to Greenville to watch the Clemson game with some old friends and bought two jars to have tomorrow night. Is it available there yet? I’m sure they’ll ask where they can get it. Thanks,” Jeff Billhorn,VK Gumbo  fan — Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

“Every delicious bite of vegetable kingdom is a bit of heaven. Thank you” K.A. Stewart, Longtime customer — Durango, Colorado

“Your pickles are unequalled in this galaxy.” Scott Kinsey, Pickle lover — Beaufort, South Carolina

“I received my box of goodies (jams, jellies and butters) a few weeks ago and have never tasted such fresh flavors in store bought jams. The Watermelon Raspberry jam is so tasty, I could eat it with a spoon. (I did, actually). The smaller jars were just perfect stocking stuffers on Christmas. The hot-pepper jam was a real hit with my son. Come to California! Regards,” June Komater, Watermelon Raspberry Jam— San Francisco California

“When you eat yours (jams) you can’t eat Smucker’s anymore.” Ellen Sinderman, Jam customer — Beaufort, South Carolina

“We’ve been eating your Hot Pepper Pecan Jelly for a long time.” Sam Lynah, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Your things have so much FLAVOR!” Wendy Wilson, Local VK fan — Beaufort, South Carolina

“Fans!” Liz and Bill Stillwagon, Beaufort, S.C.

“Very good product, very good product.” T.S., Beaufort, S.C.

“The Chow Chow is very, very good; sweet and tangy. It’s so good with beans.” Wilma Scott, Myrtle Beach, SC

“Oh my God, that Chow Chow is GOOD.” Judy Cook, Lodge, SC

“I think it’s delish. I love Chow Chow.” Dee Stanfield, Orangeberg, SC

“Her Chow Chow makes me cry. My husband loved his Chow Chow. He took it in restaurants.” Pat Caldwell, Chester, SC

“Oh God, that (Chow Chow) IS good.” Terry Snell, Bowman, SC

“I’m from the country and we eat Chow Chow on peas and beans. I tell you, I love that stuff-it’s good!” Russell Langlands Bluffton, S.C.

“You have great products, it’s all delicious.” Ana Nazario North Charleston, S.C.

“Your Chow chow is just like grandma used to make” Kent Brown, Huger, S.C.

“I can tell there’s a lot of love in that jar.” S.W. Charleston, S.C.

“Your Chow Chow is the best I’ve been able to find.” R. Bennett, Port Royal, S.C.

“That’s delicious (Chow Chow), just like Grandma used to make.” Ronnie Gibson, Orangeberg, SC

“I don’t like chow chow but I like hers.” Aimee W. Summerville, S.C.

“I’m picky about my chow chow and this is good! It has the right amount of spice.” Sarah Browder Gibbons, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

“Your chow chow is better than Cracker Barrel’s!” B. Blanchard, Beaufort, S.C.

“I’ve been hunting for this chow chow all my life!” Elizabeth Dominic, Searsport, Maine

“That chow-chow is GOOD!” Katie D. Cotton, Charleston, SC

“That chow-chow is outtasite, fantastic!” Chad Cromer, Anderson, SC

“I’m about to drown in my own saliva looking at these products”. K.G., Beaufort, S.C.

“The cupboard has to have at least one jar at all times; Gumbo and Creole are my favorites”. Carl H., Beaufort, S.C.

“This Etouffee is the most awesome soup I’ve ever had.” Ellen Keith, Beaufort, S.C.

“I’ve bought this at Harry and Davids but theirs is not this good.” Linda S. Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“That’s good jelly.” Tom B. Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“That’s just what I expected (Peach Mango Jam). That’s delicious.” Matthew Kennedy, Orangeberg, SC

“You’re good at what you do.” Kat, Orangeberg, SC