Why are your prices different on your site than at the Farmers Market?

Our prices include shipping and handling. Glass is the original canning vessel but it is very fragile. For us to assure your order arrives in good condition, it must be carefully wrapped and often boxed within a box. This makes the package heavier which results in increased postage. Because our products are the closest you can get to homemade without having to do it yourself we know you will find it worth the cost. Please reuse or recycle your jar!

Why is your logo a moon?
Traditionally, farmers planted according to the phases of the moon. At Vegetable Kingdom, we strive to honor the farming and cooking traditions of our past, and the moon logo is a part of that.

Are you organic?
Technically, no. Official organic certifications are difficult to obtain. But we source organically (and locally!)  whenever possible.

Where are VK products sold?
We can currently be found in a number of stores — including Whole Foods! — throughout the Southeast. Click here for a full list of stores that carry VK!

How do I find you at a farmers market?
Visit us in person at the Port Royal Farmer’s Market in Beaufort, SC (http://www.portroyalfarmersmarket.com/), the Marion Square Market in Charleston, SC (http://www.charlestonfarmersmarket.com/), the Soda City Market in Columbia (http://www.columbiacvb.com/listings/Soda-City-Market/16841/), and the Forsyth Farmer’s Market in Savannah, GA (http://forsythfarmersmarket.com/). These markets are all on Saturday. Check out the links for more info!

Would you accept visitors/give a tour of the kitchen?
Yes, we love visitors! Just call or email us to schedule your visit, and let us know if you’d like a tour of the facility.

Can I bring you my empty jars?
Please do! Feel free to bring your jars back to the market and leave them with us. Even though we buy jars in large quantities, we always need them. However, we cannot recycle lids.

What are your most popular products?
Our traditional Louisiana-style Gumbo is a year-round favorite, and so is Hot Pepper Pecan Jelly!

How much sugar do you use in your products?
Not much. All of our products are minimally processed, and we use just enough sugar to get the flavors right. We like to let the natural sugars in our fruits and vegetables do their job! We also produce a No Sugar Added Fruit Spread in the summertime, so keep an eye out.

What’s the difference between Gumbo, Creole, and Etouffee?
We make our Gumbo in true Louisiana style, with roux — a mixture of butter, flour, and a spice blend that includes ground sassafras and okra. Unlike Gumbo, our Creole is tomato-based, creating a robust red sauce. And Etoufee is a rich, buttery sauce designed to complement shellfish dishes. However, all three products are great with seafood, and full of green veggies!

How do your soup bases work?
Gumbo, Creole, Etoufee, Massaman Curry, Lucky Bean Soup, Rice Noodle Soup, and Kitchen Noodle Soup are all very easy to make. Just heat them up, saute your choice of meat (or tofu, or more veggies), combine and serve. We like to serve them over rice, especially Gumbo, Creole, Etoufee, and Massaman Curry.

I’m a wholesaler, and I want to sell Vegetable Kingdom in my store. How do we get started?
Call or email us, and we will send you our product list!
Phone: (843) 441-3339
Email: sales@vegetablekingdom.com

What’s your minimum order for wholesalers?
One full case (12 jars) per product.

Will you do split cases?
We can, but it will cost extra.

I have a fruit tree; can you use the fruit?
Probably, yes! Get in touch with us; we would love to barter with you.

Why don’t your labels have nutrition facts?
We are still a small enough company to not legally require nutrition labels yet. Shop around and help us get there!

How should I use [insert product name here]?
We include suggestions on every product, but we encourage you to get creative! All Vegetable Kingdom products are incredibly versatile. A hot pepper jelly doesn’t have to be jelly — it can easily become a meat marinade or glaze. Burnt Sugar Pear Butter is excellent on ice cream. The possibilities are endless!

Which products are vegetarian?
Everything except Gumbo, Etoufee, and Massaman Curry. These products use small amounts of fish sauce.

Which products are vegan?
Creole, Kitchen Noodle, Dee’s Dressing, Tofu Dressing, Chow Chow, and all of the jams/jellies/chutneys.

Which products are gluten-free?
Everything except Gumbo, Creole, Etoufee, and Kitchen Noodle.

Why don’t you always have [insert product name here]?
Everything we make is seasonal, produced in small batches, and pretty popular, if we do say so ourselves. If you find we’re out of something, contact us, and we’ll put you on a waitlist so you can be sure to get it as soon as we have it!

What’s your favorite product?
Ann: Smoky Pepper Jelly.
Pat: Gumbo and Mango Chutney.
Milo: The butters – Burnt Sugar Pear and Caramel Apple.