Our People

Both Ann and Pat grew up in the Deep South in multi-generation families that loved to garden, cook and eat. “Our families were “farm to table” before it was a movement. Their mutual love for delicious, healthy food—like they grew up with—inspired them to reinvent themselves, move south and start Vegetable Kingdom.

Making Peach Mango Jam Vegetable KingdomAnn carries the spirit of her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, who she spent hours with in the kitchen of her childhood, cooking and preserving. Their motto was “If you’re gonna eat, it’s gotta be good.”

She is a food artist who can take an idea or a customer’s request and turn it into a produce-able recipe. In between the idea and the jar, Ann brings years of experience, flavor chord refinement and taste testing to her products. “Not everyone knows how to cook, wants to cook or has the time to cook. It’s something I love. I want to take this gift the women in my family gave me and share it.”

Pat Gallagher Vegetable Kingdom in Marion Square, Charleston Farmers Market

Pat brings his own family tradition. Vegetable Kingdom’s Gumbo (the best seller across state lines) is from his Grandmother’s recipe. It’s true Louisiana style Gumbo and it’s the secret Roux that makes the difference. Pat keeps the secret close to his vest, admitting with a laugh, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Pat is in charge of customer relations, deliveries, farmer’s markets, in-store demos and shares in the cooking. He used his architecture skills to redesign the building that now houses their industrial kitchen.

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