Our Story

Savannah etc. 020Vegetable Kingdom is a privately owned organic food company, founded in 2007 by husband and wife team, Pat Gallagher and Ann Gassenheimer, and headquartered in Beaufort, South Carolina. The company specializes in small-batch, hand-jarred products—from jams and jellies to soups and sauces—made from locally sourced, organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable Kingdom uses only the freshest produce and ingredients for their products, made from old family recipes passed down through generations, or created by Ann. Products are cooked daily to preserve the fresh flavors at their peak. Everything is made by hand in their commercially licensed production kitchen and packaged without preservatives.

In 2007, Ann and Pat set up a small table at the Port Royal Farmer’s Market near Beaufort. When their jars of Kumquat Marmalade sold out in the first hour, they had a vision of the future. Now, their products are in Whole Foods throughout the Southeast region.


Our Approach

Hex Jar Commercial DesignIn addition to sharing a love for fresh, healthy food, Ann and Pat have a tremendous love and respect for the land and environment:

“We are so appreciative of nature’s endless bounty; and how it changes from season to season. Part of our mission is to celebrate all the earth’s gifts by offering different seasonal products and recipes on our website throughout the year.”

This respect for the earth mandates a commitment to environmental sustainability. All unused produce and food waste is composted. The company uses a heat based sterilization process so they can re-use the glass jars and they request that clients also re-use or re-cycle the product containers.

Vegetable Kingdom’s logo is a symbol for Pat and Ann’s close ties to the land. Moon folklore is rich among farmers, believing that the moon governs the natural rhythms of the earth and the moisture necessary for things to grow. There is an age-old practice of performing farm chores by the “light of the moon”, believing certain phases of the moon are more auspicious for planting than others. Honoring the moon is a way of showing gratitude for the earth’s natural abundance.

Pat and Ann have put one essential ingredient into the Vegetable Kingdom product line: an authentic passion for partnering with local producers and making the healthiest, freshest, most delicious homemade food you can buy. That’s the magic ingredient that sets Vegetable Kingdom apart.