VEGETABLE KINGDOM is a boutique kitchen producing small batch, hand-jarred soups including traditional New Orleans-style GumboCreole, EtouffeeMassaman Curry, and Rice Noodle Soup.

Everything that we sell is made by hand in our commercially licensed, production kitchen just outside of Beaufort, South Carolina. Located halfway between Charleston and Savannah, we are situated near many area farms and make best use of the fantastic fruit and vegetable crops available practically year round.

On the first bite, you’ll taste a vitality of flavor that comes from capturing the living quality of the raw fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices unique to all our products. We use only the freshest ingredients locally sourced and hand jar them at their peak.

Shop with us for the freshest, in-jar experience you can buy. Your meals will be tastier, easier to prepare, and you will be sure your family gets the best of the best, because that’s what goes into every jar.

Imagination meets flavor in our kitchen as we preserve around the seasons in an innovative and healthful way. We invite you to taste for yourself.

Gumbo, Pepper Jelly, and Chow Chow Relish are three in our family of traditional southern condiments. Visit our online store to see all of this season’s offerings.


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