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Vegetable Kingdom
PO Box 41
Sheldon, SC 29941
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Here in the Vegetable Kingdom, flavor is king. We use only the freshest ingredients, grown by some of the most innovative farmers in the country. All of the cooking is done ourselves, in small batches, resulting in a multitude of bold and delicious products that we are excited for you to taste.

All our products are intended to serve multiple purposes in the kitchen and at the table. For example, our Hot Pepper Pecan Jelly can be paired with brie or cream cheese for a tasty appetizer — and it can also be a glaze for shrimp or chicken, a dip for egg rolls and dumplings, or the base of a salad vinaigrette. Delightful no matter how you use it, Hot Pepper Pecan is one of our favorites. Our recipe section will provide you with a variety of ideas for most of our products, and we would love for you to share yours with us!

featured product

Midnight Snack for Passover—
Roast Veggies, lamb and Midnight,
Hot Pepper Muscadine Jelly—
the jelly made from the wine!

recipe of the month

Midnight Snack for Easter—
Ham, sweet potato, asparagus, and red
onion, roasted and served on toast with
your favorite cheese and Midnight,
Hot Pepper Muscadine Jelly.

at the market

Visit Colleen Barrett at the Port Royal
Farmers Market, Saturdays 9–12.
Sample our products before you buy!